Solutions for Diversification

Taking charge of our rapid evolution, we continue to drive diversification across our global enterprise, building on our identified growth platforms—select high margin, high growth businesses—through focused investments.

Our strategic framework has been in place and operational since 2004, providing a consistent focus on sustainable, profitable growth through asset efficiency, product innovation and opportunistic acquisitions. Our history and current performance show we are adept at absorbing acquisitions, bringing efficiencies to them and quickly outperforming expectations. Even while adding Black & Decker—doubling our tools business and consolidating our leading position in an essential industry—we have maintained momentum in transitioning our portfolio.

We continue to:
  • diversify toward higher growth businesses and to increase the relative weighting of emerging markets in our business mix.
  • diversify our end-market exposures so our performance is not overly dependent on certain markets and mass merchants.
  • be selective and operate in markets where brand is meaningful, where our value proposition is definable and sustainable through innovation, and where we can achieve global cost leadership.
  • pursue growth on multiple fronts, through innovation and organic growth, through accelerating efficiencies via SFS, and through the strategic growth platforms we have identified and continue to invest in.