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Engineered Fastening

This growth platform came to us via Black & Decker as Emhart Teknologies. A global leader in advanced fastening and assembly technologies, Emhart offers integrated system solutions ranging from automotive assembly to industrial construction, from computer assembly to appliance manufacturing.

Through Emhart, manufacturers around the world enjoy exceptional results while reducing assembly costs.

Growing rapidly and serving many industries, Emhart is looking to build on its dominant presence in the automotive sector and expand into aerospace and other industrial manufacturing sectors. Roughly a quarter of its revenues occur in Asia, a region that also has its highest growth trajectory. Emhart has manufacturing facilities in nine countries, including a brand new second plant in Brazil, and serves customers in over 100 countries.

Emhart's original innovations revolutionized automotive assembly nearly forty years ago. Engineered fasteners are applied securely and permanently without punching through the frame, so parts can be positioned precisely from one side only, even in hard-to-access areas.

Innovation is a way of business at Emhart. The emphasis is on the total system (the fastener, the installation tooling and the assembly process) ensuring that customer productivity is maximized and the lowest possible cost is achieved. Emhart takes many approaches to innovation. For some new customers, a current product such as a motor vehicle will be disassembled completely and analyzed for re-assembly in an entirely new and better way. Emhart engineers will walk existing assembly lines to devise better methods and means. Novel materials and applications are explored. Nearly every Emhart fastener product began as a custom solution.

  • Did You Know?

    Nearly every hybrid and electric vehicle built in the world uses our engineered fasteners.

    Every car built in the U.S. is touched by a Stanley Black & Decker solution.

    From Apple to Maytag, from Toyota to Nokia to Volkswagen, Emhart works with the best of the world's Fortune 1,000.

    Engineered Fastening - Did You Know?