Solutions for Emerging Markets

Focus on Latin America

Latin America's economic growth continues to outpace the world, particularly in Brazil, which is by far the biggest and fastest growing economy in the region, having over 200 million people and a fast-growing middle class.

Stanley-branded hand tools have had a distinctive presence in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, but overall their penetration and participation in the Latin American resurgence has been lacking. Now Stanley-branded hand tools have begun to make significant inroads across Latin America, through Black & Decker's trusted, familiar channels. Stanley tools are benefitting from far more than an existing distribution network.

In emerging markets such as Latin America, commitment matters. Local flavor and local relationships count. Distributors and customers feel more comfortable when a company's commitment to their region and country is strong.

Black & Decker brands are extremely well-positioned in Brazil: #1 in consumer power tools, rising to #2 in industrial power tools, #1 in irons and highly ranked in other small appliances. Through the local distribution network, we have 8,000 customers and know them well. Interestingly, Stanley is recognized as a premium brand in Brazil, but our penetration has been minimal. With the Stanley Black & Decker combination, the brand is now able to make an impact.

Made in Latin America for Latin America, and especially made in Brazil for Brazil, is a strong local value. Recognizing this, we are in process of expanding an existing manufacturing facility in Uberaba, 500 km outside of Sao Paolo, expressly for the manufacture of Stanley hand tools for the local and regional markets. The expansion will be best-in-class, and built and staffed locally.