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Healthcare Solutions

We provide patient safety, security, storage and supply chain management solutions for hospitals and resident care facilities worldwide—protecting people and critical supplies in the world's most advanced medical facilities.

Solutions range from newborn and pediatric security systems, to wander and fall management for elderly patients, to sophisticated inventory management systems for controlled medical supplies. Our strength is in combining technological expertise with a focus on the clinical user, delivering advanced systems that seamlessly support workflow so that providers can concentrate on the health and wellbeing of the people in their care.

  • InfoLogix

    Just before year-end we acquired this leading provider of mobile workstations, clinical integration services, asset tracking solutions and mobile managed services. InfoLogix adds to our strong foothold in patient security and medical storage solutions, offering a new range of strategic technology consulting services to assist healthcare clients in improving workflow, productivity and profitability through complete enterprise mobility solutions.


The healthcare industry is a massive end market and one of the fastest growing in the world. We continue to grow our presence in attractive, expanding niches where our expertise in efficient, lean workflow solutions and in tools can deliver value to customers and shareholders alike.

  • SpaceTRAX

    NoCount RFID Inventory Management System
    This innovative system uses sophisticated radio tracking to manage critical medical supplies in a highly efficient, secure and scalable manner. SpaceTRAX is designed as the front-end of a global, scalable inventory platform for an enterprise solution, initially for healthcare institutions but with potential application in many industries. We offer the solution as a hosted, subscription service that drives recurring revenue.