Solutions forDiversification


Infrastructure is what makes all other growth possible. It means roads, utilities, pipelines for oil, gas, water and sewers, airports, dams, bridges and tunnels, energy grids, railroads, ports and offshore platforms.

The annual spend on infrastructure ranges from one to two trillion dollars. A truly global mega-industry, infrastructure has numerous attractive, scalable niches and much of its activity and growth arises in emerging markets. And it's a sector where our expertise and way of doing business can shine.

To greatly expand our presence and potential in infrastructure, we have added CRC-Evans, a leading provider of pipeline solutions and tools for the oil and gas industry. Founded in 1933, CRC-Evans brings with it a strong, experienced management team with annual revenues of $250 million, most of which occurs in emerging markets. The purchase was funded by existing sources of liquidity with no increase in year-end debt levels, and resulted in more than tripling our infrastructure business in terms of current annual revenues.

  • CRC-Evans

    CRC-Evans is a world-leading supplier of specialized tools, equipment and services for the construction of oil and natural gas transmission pipelines. Primary solutions include pipeline bending equipment, automatic welding systems, managed subsea services, joint coating and heat treatment, pipe weighting systems, laybarge equipment and conveying systems. A leading innovator, CRC-Evans has over 125 patents and continues to assist in developing technological advances to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Stanley Hydraulic Tools remains the world's largest handheld hydraulic tool manufacturer and a worldwide market leader. We deliver over 150 handheld hydraulic tools and over 30 mounted impact tools—the tools that build and rebuild the world around us.

  • Hydraulics

    Professionals turn to Stanley Hydraulic Tools when they need to get a job done. Our tools stand up to the elements, and operate dependably and powerfully off a single power source. Using compressed oil, our hydraulic tools pack a big punch, with inherent efficiency that's friendlier to the environment than comparable air or gas tools. And because they're self-lubricating, they last several times longer.