Solutions for Organic Growth

Driving Innovation

Innovation is a shared heritage at Stanley Black & Decker. Particularly in hand and power tools, we offer iconic brands with high new product vitality. Practical innovation is constant here. We stay creative by staying close to our customers and end-users, on-site and in real-world applications, and by paying rigorous attention to their wants and needs.

Discovery Teams

Stanley's Discovery Teams are dedicated to fostering innovation by conducting what is essentially anthropological research, following end-users on actual job sites and in their workshops to see how and why tools are used, misused or neglected, and to identify the gaps and frustrations where refinements and new tools would come in handy. We now have a total of six such teams: three in the U.S., one in Western Europe, one in Australia and one in Asia.

Field Marketing Team

As part of our sales force and product development, our Field Marketing Team—nearly 100 seasoned professionals around the world—spends at least 250 days a year with customers and end-users at their job sites to stay absolutely current on what people want and need from our tools. The twin focus is to convert product at the point of attack while getting candid, spontaneous, real-world feedback on our tools and the challenges end-users face on the job. Responses and insights from the field are fed into our product development process as primary input.

Rapid-fire Innovation

Accelerated product innovation begins with capturing the voice of the customer. Not through focus groups, where one strident individual can lead a group down a narrow path or cul de sac, but by engaging users as they put products to use, preferably on their turf. For each opportunity, we gather a rich list of insights to ideate against and then assemble a purpose-built, cross-functional team of designers, engineers, prototypers and marketers. The front end is key to getting the product right. The cross-functional ideation and collaboration is the key accelerator to getting the product to market, fast.