Our Businesses

Investing in Our Brand

We continue to seek out opportunities to raise our profile among customers and end-users through alliances with leading sports and entertainment franchises and their loyal fan bases. Stanley made a total of $25 million in brand investments in 2010. This helped unaided awareness rise around the globe.

Disney Partnership

"Official Tool Provider of the Walt Disney World Resort." This 10-year alliance partnership includes branding, business-to-business and special program elements. Stanley is one of a select group of alliance partners. The partnership includes construction wall signage throughout Walt Disney World Resort. Stanley and MAC logos are featured at the Walt Disney World Speedway, and Stanley, MAC, Proto and Vidmar products outfit the action garage and the test track queue line and ride.

  • NASCAR Sponsorship
    NASCAR Sponsorship
NASCAR Sponsorship

Our NASCAR sponsorship brings sustained brand exposure over 36 weekends of the NASCAR season. It includes extensive customer and end-user activation, as well as numerous race-related "in store" and "on track" promotions. In 2011, our car will feature both the Stanley and DeWALT brands as it speeds around the track, driven by an exciting new driver, Marcos Ambrose.

English Premier League

This truly global sponsorship boosts international awareness. 45 percent of all brand impressions seen by those in Asia or Latin America stem from English Premier League events and broadcasts.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Sponsorship

Stanley and DeWALT signage graces 40 percent of all MLB games. We targeted top-performing teams, and also focused on Hispanic fan base numbers as a deciding factor in the selection process. The signs are placed strategically to maximize television exposure. Every MLB team played at least one series in a sponsored stadium, so we reached all MLB markets through home and away TV broadcasts. As for ticket-buying fans, our signage was visible to more than 30 million spectators who attended the games. More adults 18+ attended MLB games than the NFL, NBA and NHL combined. The sponsorship includes a strong customer activation initiative.

Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Partnership

"Official and Exclusive Tool Partner of the PBR." The Professional Bull Riding audience has grown 12 percent over the last four years, making it one of the fastest growing sports properties in history. Paid attendance increased 23 percent in 2010. Its 44 million passionate fans generally do not follow NASCAR or Major League Baseball. The sport has a strong regional focus, and is popular throughout Latin America. This partnership includes PBR fan zones and promotions at local Stanley Black & Decker dealerships. We did six PBR events in 2010, three in the U.S. and three in Brazil.